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Termostat pomieszczeniowy T25 IP20 PENN®
These thermostats with a sturdy steel cover are provided with a liquid filled sensing element. This element is formed to achieve maximum sensitivity to surrounding air temperature changes.
Coupled with a highly efficient diaphragm and leverage mechanism, the element operates a totally enclosed Penn switch contact with a close differential switching action without the use of “heat or cool” anticipators.


Tabela doboru produktu
ModelRange (°C)Diff. (K) FixedAdjustmentThermometerSwitch 3AAdditional features
           T25, 2-stage room thermostat
T25B-91015 to 321knobSPDT open high
T25B-9102concealed scale,
screwdriver adjustment


Szczegóły produktu

  • Liquid filled elements
  • Dust tight Penn switch
  • Small differential
  • 2-stage thermostats with dead band and automatic change over
  • Range 5°C to 32°C, with 1 to 3 Differential (K) fixed


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Termostat pomieszczeniowy T25 IP20 PENN®
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