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Our offer includes systems of the world's best producers specialized in the production of automation and control devices.
For years, Honeywell has been providing solutions that improve equipment efficiency and energy savings, protect the environment and increase the safety of people and their property.

The systems are used in public utility buildings, industry and housing.

The company's offer includes products and services in the field of home and building automation, industrial solutions and automation components.
Johnson Controls is a world leader in diversified technology and industry, serving customers in more than 150 countries.

The company's 170.000 employees create high-quality products, services and solutions every day to optimize the energy and operational efficiency of buildings.

Johnson Controls technologies allow you to create both simple and advanced building automation systems and building management systems (BMS), precisely tailored to the needs and size of the facility.
The company helps building owners and managers around the world improve the quality of the building environment by increasing levels of comfort, efficiency, safety and energy efficiency.
Siemens offers intelligent building automation systems that can be successfully used in various types of buildings. These devices are primarily used in heating, ventilation and air conditioning installations. They are also commonly used to control lighting or blinds. HVAC products are optimally matched, so the user not only achieves a reduction in installation and operating costs, but also a high level of reliability. The Siemens brand is present almost all over the world, and its more than 170 years of experience allow it to constantly expand its business and offer customers more and more innovative products that meet the expectations of today's world.
Belimo is at the forefront of the world's largest manufacturers of actuators, valves and sensors used in ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems. The company's offer also includes products for fire protection, fire ventilation and volume flow regulation.
The Belimo brand has been on the market for over 40 years, and its products are now sold in over eighty countries on five continents.
From the very beginning, the company wants to provide its customers with innovative products ensuring the highest level of comfort. At the same time, it attaches great importance to care for the natural environment by offering actuators with low energy consumption or valves with extremely tight tightness.
The delivered products are easy to install and safe in operation.
Schneider Electric has been providing innovative solutions for homes, buildings and industry around the world for almost two hundred years. The brand offers a wide range of building automation products. It offers its users, among others, BMS controllers and software, as well as a wide selection of valves, actuators, sensors, transmitters and dampers.
FEMA offers the highest quality products used in industrial automation. FEMA components are manufactured to the strictest standards at the company's headquarters in Schönaich and enjoy a very good reputation among users. A wide range of models and a wide range of their applications make FEMA products applicable in numerous systems. The solutions proposed by the company, including pressure sensors and differential pressure transducers, will certainly contribute to facilitating measurements and solving numerous issues related to the construction of machines and factories. Pressure sensors and limiters used in safety applications significantly contribute to the safe operation of machines and devices. The company's offer is complemented by a wide portfolio of components used in air conditioning systems.
The Nenutec brand is known on the Polish market as a company that produces modern devices in line with global trends. The company can boast of many innovative products aimed at HVAC installations and industrial automation. The choice of products of this brand ensures safe and efficient functioning of the ventilation, heating and air conditioning system.
Trend is one of the most important European suppliers of Building Management Systems (BMS) to the global heating, ventilation and air conditioning markets.

The company offers fully integrated heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems that comply with the complex standards currently in force in many types of buildings.

All custom solutions, product variations and installations are distributed exclusively through a network of distribution and manufacturing companies whose quality has been approved by Trend.
PENN®, now part of Johnson Controls, has been designing and delivering solutions for buildings, the automotive and energy industries for over 125 years. PENN® by Johnson Controls products are also known and appreciated in the petrochemical and process industries.
The brand's portfolio includes, among others control valves, ball and butterfly valves, heat pumps, gas meters, gas regulators, manometers, pressure regulators, valves with rotary actuators etc. PENN® products allow customers to fully control temperature, pressure and air flow.
Thermokon is a global player in the building automation market. The company was founded by Harald Zygan in 1987. Initially, it specialized in the production of temperature sensors for heating boilers. Soon its offer was expanded to include sensors for measuring relative humidity, air quality and light intensity. In this way, the company was able to design energy-saving systems and solutions for its customers.
Currently, Thermokon contributes to the creation of environmentally friendly building installations, as well as to the reduction of CO2 emissions. All offered products are distinguished by a slim, ready-to-build structure and easy installation.
About Us
Comprehensive offer in the field of building automation and hydraulics

Astra SC provides a comprehensive offer in the field of building automation and hydraulics.

We have been operating dynamically on the Polish market for over 20 years. During this time, we have acquired a large group of customers using our services every day. They include installation companies from all over Poland.
Our team consists of professional advisors who are able to provide any tips when placing an order and help you choose the right equipment for each building.

The company's offer includes control and measurement equipment from global equipment manufacturers: Honeywell, Johnson Controls, Siemens, Belimo, FEMA, Thermokon and Trend Controls.

Please feel free to contact us. Our knowledge and experience are at your disposal.

Building automation without secrets

Our employees are experts for whom building automation has no secrets. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Thanks to our specialist knowledge and experience, we are able to help each client find the right product. All orders placed with us are carried out quickly and without any problems, which results in the fact that we have already been trusted by thousands of people, and their group is still growing. For your convenience, we have included a detailed description of the products on our website. Anyone interested in purchasing this way has the opportunity to check that our devices have been made in accordance with European standards, which translates into their simple installation and convenience of use.

Astra Automatyka has been operating for several decades on providing its customers with effective solutions in the field of building automation and hydraulics. In order to be able to do this satisfactorily for you, we are constantly expanding our offer, which includes control and measurement equipment, manufactured in world-famous factories.

Building automation systems are created for the purpose of integrated control of electrical and mechanical installations in various types of buildings. In addition, they contribute to savings in energy consumption in heating, air-conditioning, ventilation and cooling installations. Well-designed systems, made of the highest class devices, increase the comfort of the users of a given premises and ensure a higher level of security.

Building automation is innovative solutions that create great opportunities for their users. An efficiently operating system enables remote verification of the efficiency of the installation and control of parameters in the building. Through it, it is possible to monitor such variables as water and air temperature, pressure, air quality and liquid flow. The system optimizes operating costs, reducing media consumption and eliminating any irregularities in the installations.
Building automation solutions available in our offer are widely used in various types of buildings, both in the private and public sectors. An extremely wide selection of devices and their innovative parameters allow for complete adaptation of the systems to the individual expectations of each client.

The brands we supply include: Honeywell, Johnson Controls, Siemens, Belimo, Trend Controls, FEMA, Penn and Thermokon. Each of them is characterized by the highest degree of professionalism, resulting in the acquisition and distribution by our company of high-quality systems that significantly improve the operation of buildings.

The Astra Automatyka assortment includes various types of sensors, transmitters, valves, thermostats and other items made of extremely durable materials that can serve their owners for many years. Both very low and high temperatures do not interfere with the operation of our devices and do not affect its performance. Thanks to this, our customers are guaranteed that they are making a good purchase. Especially that all the systems offered to you are available at competitive prices.

Control and measurement equipment from the best producers
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