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Sygnalizator przepływu powietrza, wersja compact KSL FEMA
Sygnalizator przepływu powietrza, wersja compact KSL FEMA

These compact flow monitors reliably measure air flow in air ducts and detect any falling below a predefined switching point.

The sensitivity and hence the switching point can be set very precisely with a potentiometer. The switching state is shown by a yellow LED.


Tabela doboru produktu
Medialiquids and airliquids and airairair
Power suppy230/240VAC±10%24VAC/DC±10%230/240VAC±10%24VAC/DC±10%
Power suppy indicationLED greenLED greenLED greenLED green
Power consumption3.5VA3.5VA4VA4VA
Ambient temperature-20…+60°C-20…+60°C-20…+60°C-20…+60°C
Medium temperature-10…+80°C-10…+80°C-10…+80°C-10…+80°C
Contact  load250VAC, 10(2)A250VAC, 10(2)A250VAC, 10(2)A250VAC, 10(2)A
Switch indicationLED yellowLED yellowLED yellowLED yellow
Start retardation 60 secon/off (jumper)on/off (jumper)on/off (jumper)on/off (jumper)
Setpoint adjusmentpotentiometerpotentiometerpotentiometerpotentiometer
Range0,05…3 m/sec0,05…3 m/sec0,1…30 m/sec0,1…30 m/sec
Response time1-10 sec1-10 sec1-10 sec1-10 sec
Immersion depth45 mm45 mm130 mm130 mm
Max. pressure30 bar30 bar10 bar10 bar
Process connectionG ½″G ½″PG7+mounting flangePG7+mounting flange
Housing IPIP65IP65IP65IP65
Sensor IPIP67IP67IP67IP67
Protection classIIIIIIII
Wiring terminals5 x 2,5 mm²5 x 2,5 mm²5 x 2,5 mm²5 x 2,5 mm²
Sensor material1.43051.4305 MS 58 nickel-platedMS 58 nickel-plated
Weight350 g350 g400 g400 g


Parametr Wartość
Protection class IP65
Switch function/capacity SPDT, capacity 250 VAC, 10(2) A
Immersion depth 115 mm
Setpoint range 0,1..30 m/s
Max. media temperature 80°C
Max. pressure 10 bar
Additional description LED's available for indication of power supply and switch status.
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