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Sterownik IQeco 35 FCU 3S Fan WR2 AUX B TREND

The IQeco31, 35 and 38 are terminal unit controllers for use with BACnet over MS/TP. They can communicate with other IQecos over the BACnet MS/TP network, and with Trend networked devices by way of a BINC. They have from 10 to 18 I/O channels, and can be supplied either fully programmable or with a fixed strategy.

The IQeco can be purchased either as a fully programmable unit, or with a fixed strategy. The strategy defines its HVAC equipment interaction. Fixed strategy units can be reconfigured with a different strategy from a defined class of strategies within the strategy library.

The IQeco standard strategy controls a fan coil units heat/cool outputs, and 3 speed fan, in response to a thermistor temperature sensor with a local setpoint knob and a local window contact input and a pushbutton, or Passive Infra Red movement detector input. It also controls an auxiliary relay based on the occupation state. The WR2 strategy is for waterside 2 pipe units controlling 1 raise/lower (floating point) valve actuator. The strategy is designed to work with TB/TS Trend Thermistor Room Sensors. The strategy supports the fitting of a WMB Room Display module without further configuration.

Parametr Wartość
Model IQeco 35
Application 3 speed fan
Control Water/Raise/Lower/2 pipe
Library Lib.2: Basic
Additional functions Auxillary relay
Units Metric
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Sterownik IQeco 35 FCU 3S Fan WR2 AUX B TREND
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