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Licznik ciepła HMM TREND

The Trend HMM Series Mechanical Heat Meters are static compact energy meters with electronic measurement. Each meter consists of an electronic energy integrator with temperature sensors and a mechanical volume measuring component.



Tabela doboru produktu
(heating and cooling)
(heating only)
Flow Rate
Size DN
Connection Interface
HMM/HC/0.6/MOD HMM/H/0.6/MOD 0.6 15 110 G¾ B  M-Bus
HMM/HC/1.5/MOD HMM/H/1.5/MOD 1.5 15 110 G¾ B  M-Bus
HMM/HC/2.5/MOD HMM/H/2.5/MOD 2.5 20 130 G 1 B  M-Bus
HMM/HC/3.5/MOD not available 3.5 25 260  G 1¼ B  M-Bus
HMM/HC/6.0/MOD 6.0 25 260  G 1¼ B  M-Bus
HMM/HC/10/MOD 10 40 300  G 2 B  M-Bus
Szczegóły produktu

HMM meters provide metering of heating and/or cooling energy in hydronic systems based on volume, and supply and return temperatures. HMM/H models are for energy metering of heating systems, ../HC models are for cooling or heat/cool systems. Used in conjunction with an RS232 and Mbus convertor and a Trend IQ3/XNC M-Bus driver, the meters data can be accessed over the Trend network.


Parametr Wartość
Źródło prądu 3V (bateria litowa)
Display LCD, 7-cyfrowy MWh, kWh, GJ, MJ, kW, m³/h, l/h, m³-l
Rodzaj produktu kompaktowy licznik ciepła EN 1434
Max. ciśnienie operacyjne 16bar
Interface M-Bus
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Licznik ciepła HMM TREND
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