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Elektroniczny termostat Smart Temp TST HONEYWELL
Honeywell FEMA’s TST…R series thermostats require adjustment (configuration and parameterization) in only two modes (the basic mode and the expert mode) and are suitable for the precision-adjustment and monitoring of medium temperatures in the fields of plant construction, fluidics, process technology, and pneumatics, as well as in the monitoring and control of furnaces, heating units, and process temperatures, as well as for applications in the field of frost protection.


Tabela doboru produktu
Sensor immersion
depth (mm)
Line length
TST050G12100-R-50 … +50°C 100built on
TST050G12250-R-50 … +50°C 250built on
TST200G12100-R-50 … +200°C 100built on neck-tube
TST200G12250-R-50 … +200°C 250built on neck-tube
TST200EPT1K-R-50 … +200°C n.a.external, w/ cable*
TST400EPT1K-R-50 … +400°C n.a.external, w/ cable*
* Sensors not included in delivery.
Szczegóły produktu



Parametr Wartość
Protection class IP65
Housing material polybutylene terephtalate (PBT)
Ambient temperature -20 ... +60°C
Storage temperature -35 ... +80°C
Temperature, medium -50 ... +400°C (depending on model)
Relative air humidity 0 ... 95%, non-condensing
Optional functions • Applicable parameter settings:
• Switching Set / Reset points
• Filters
• Analog output range
• Electrical drag indicator
• Applicable configurations:
• Max-Min, Window monitor
• Analog output signal
• Temperature unit
• Simulation mode
• Plugs have to be ordered separately
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Elektroniczny termostat Smart Temp TST HONEYWELL
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