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Maintaining the right temperature is one of the basic tasks of building automation systems. The appropriate level of heat largely translates into the comfort of people using a given room. To be sure that the installation will work flawlessly for many years, our customers, specialists dealing with the subject of HVAC for decades, reach only for proven, professional fan coil drivers and VAV. Our offer includes modern models produced by renowned international manufacturers. Thanks to this, everyone offered by us fan coil controller works flawlessly even in very demanding conditions. The products we offer are equipped with a number of useful functions, which translate into the highest comfort of use. Moreover, all models are easy to install and use.

What kind of fan coil controllers do we offer?

Offered by us fan coil drivers and VAV are manufactured by brands such as Honeywell, Johnson Controls, Siemens, Penn and TREND. These devices will successfully meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. The variety of our assortment means that every customer will find it without any problems fan coil controller meeting the requirements of its installation. Our offer includes both simple setpoints that do not need to be programmed, as well as advanced models that require connection to a computer and the use of specialized programs for configuration. Individual groups fan coil drivers they differ in the method of installation, temperature range in which they can operate and operating modes. Our offer includes models without a display, as well as those equipped with large, transparent displays, enabling easy data reading even in the late evening and night hours. In recent years, controllers that can be digitally controlled have become particularly popular. It is a very convenient solution that allows you to remotely manage the temperature as well as other parameters that we want to achieve in the room.

Why is it worth choosing our fan coil and VAV controllers?

Offered by us fan coil drivers allow you to enjoy a constant room temperature without the need for any other heating or cooling devices. All models are made of the highest quality components, in compliance with the applicable international standards. Therefore, regardless of which solution the user decides, you can be sure that the purchased device will work reliably for many years.

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