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Air quality sensors are devices that ensure safety and protect the health of people in a given room. They are used primarily in heating, ventilation and air conditioning installations in various types of buildings: office buildings, shopping centers, public utility premises or single-family houses. They are also used in industry.

Air quality sensors are designed primarily to measure the concentration of carbon dioxide, as well as other dangerous or unpleasant substances such as cigarette smoke, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, ethanol or ammonia. The sensors can also be used to measure the level of vapors emitted by furniture, carpets, paints and adhesives. The main task of air quality sensors is to detect components that are hazardous to health in the room, which are often odorless and therefore imperceptible to people staying in it. The sensors protect against the negative effects of bad air, informing about the exceeded standards on an ongoing basis. As a result, the user is able to react quickly and take action to improve air quality.

Who is the air quality sensor for?

Air quality sensors are simple devices with easy installation and intuitive operation. They should be an obligatory element of any modern building automation system. Our store's offer includes a wide selection of professional air quality sensors, thanks to which we are able to find a product that meets the requirements of each installation. We offer, among others, models intended for installation in the duct and on the wall, as well as outdoor air quality sensors. Depending on the customer's requirements, we have versions with and without a display, and those that, apart from controlling the level of carbon dioxide, simultaneously measure the room temperature and humidity. The available solutions are calibrated in accordance with applicable standards, thanks to which they are characterized by high measurement accuracy.

Professional air quality sensor and its application

The air quality sensors we offer can be used as an element of large installations managing the operation of ventilation, air conditioning or cooling systems in modern office buildings and public buildings. Thanks to the cooperation of all devices included in the installation, it is possible to efficiently manage parameters and thus take care of the safety of room users. What's more, modern building automation installations translate into large savings, including, above all, a significant reduction in the level of electricity consumption.

In order to provide our clients with the most innovative solutions, and at the same time wanting to guarantee many years of failure-free operation of the devices, we have decided to cooperate with the best global manufacturers of building automation components. We offer air quality sensors from brands such as Siemens, Honeywell, Johnson Controls and Trend Controls. All these companies have been producing this type of equipment for decades, and their products are used in the largest and most modern investments around the world.

Air quality sensors from reputable manufacturers

When designing the installation and deciding to invest in devices such as air quality sensors You should definitely not look for savings and purchase cheap or unproven equipment. Therefore, in our store, there are products waiting for you, delivered only by top manufacturers, famous all over the world for the production of top-class devices that meet all applicable standards. All proposed by us CO2 sensors have the necessary certificates and comply with the current standards. These devices are extremely reliable and very accurate. The high quality of workmanship is visible at first glance, and the long period of trouble-free operation makes the investment pay off with interest in a surprisingly fast pace.

A wide range of CO2 sensors

In order to meet all your expectations, we try to include the widest possible selection of devices in our assortment. Therefore, they are in it CO2 sensors various types, incl. channel CO2 and temperature converters, CO2 converters, temperature and humidity sensors, network room units or bus sensors. We hope that every customer will find equipment fully suited to the requirements of their installation. It is worth noting that in addition to a large variety of devices, we also try to offer products from different manufacturers, thus providing you with the opportunity to choose the device variant that best suits you. When it comes to CO2 sensors, we recommend the Honeywell, Siemens, Johnson Controls, Trend and Schneider Electric models to your attention. The equipment we offer can be purchased in our store in retail and wholesale quantities. We provide services to private and public companies as well as natural persons. The group of our clients consists primarily of specialists in the HVAC industry, whom we are pleased to help to adapt the services to the needs of their clients and offer sensors that are 100% matched to the ventilation or air-conditioning systems installed in their buildings.

Concrete solutions

If you are looking for a sensor adapted to both ventilation and air conditioning or heating, the Honeywell C7110A model will be a great solution. The device, which is mounted on the wall, is equipped with a special carbon dioxide level transducer. It provides a very detailed measurement and is extremely easy to install, and does not require additional calibration.

An interesting item is also the AQS2-KAM channel CO71 and temperature converter from Honeywell. Its action is based on infrared. This equipment is characterized by a short response time and an above-average level of stability.

Our offer also includes quite a lot of universal devices that inform their owners not only about CO2 concentration, but also about the temperature and humidity levels. An example is the CD-3xx-E00-00 Johnson Controls model, dedicated to HVAC systems. This device is primarily resistant to contamination, which significantly extends its service life.

A unique range of air quality sensors

If you are interested in professional air quality sensors, our store is the place you were looking for. We have an extremely wide selection of this type of devices, so everyone will surely find a model tailored to the needs of their installation. From the beginning of our activity, we decided to cooperate only with top, reputable brands that are respected by specialists. These brands are a guarantee that the delivered sensors are properly prepared for operation and work without failure for many years.

Each device available in our offer has been described in detail on our website, so you can easily see its detailed specification, which is crucial in the context of making the final purchase decision. If you are not sure about the use of a given device, we encourage you to contact our specialists. We have the knowledge and experience that will certainly help you choose the right model.

Please also contact us if you would like to receive an attractive price offer for the product of your choice. We approach each inquiry individually, and the final valuation is made based on the individual needs and capabilities of customers. Feel free to contact us, we will do our best to prepare the best proposal for you as soon as possible.

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