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Water filters are used in HVAC installations to ensure constant access to safe and clean water. They are used in various types of buildings: houses, public utility premises, office buildings, as well as in industrial installations. They are perfect for places where the water is contaminated with foreign bodies such as rust particles, hemp shreds or grains of sand. Our store offers a wide selection of water filters that can be used in various types of installations. We offer our clients, among others, flanged filters, threaded filters, oblique filters, as well as models equipped with a pressure reducer, backwash or rinsing function. The filters we supply are manufactured by the Honeywell brand, a well-known and respected manufacturer of building automation components.

Flanged water filters

Water filters are usually installed on connections to the water supply network. They successfully filter water from any irregularities that may have a significant impact on its quality, which in turn translates into the health and safety of users. Moreover, regular and correct removal of mechanical and biological contaminants from the water greatly affects the length and efficiency of devices connected to the installation, such as pumps, heating boilers or pressure reducers. Due to the accumulation of sand or rust, these devices could deteriorate prematurely, and the use of a filter significantly extends their service life.

In order to meet the expectations of customers, our offer includes various types of water filters. Flanged filters, including the F78TS, FY71P or FY32 Honeywell series, are very popular. Their design has been prepared with attention to every detail. The advantage of the presented devices is the replaceable insert with a mesh structure made of durable and damage-resistant stainless steel. The mesh size of the sieve is adapted to the type of medium and the requirements of the installation. Depending on the user's preferences, we have water filters that remove deposits automatically or manually. All the devices we offer comply with the applicable standards. In this way, our customers can be sure that they buy the highest quality products that will work without failure for many years.

Backwash water filters

Our offer includes, among others high-tech backwash water filters. They ensure a constant supply of filtered water devoid of biological and mechanical impurities. The patented backwash system is quick and allows you to clean the filter with a little water. The frequency of rinsing can be individually specified by the user.
The advantage of the structure is a large filter area and many years of trouble-free operation. A wide selection of models with different connection sizes and filter mesh density allows you to choose the right pattern for each installation. Simple operation and intuitive assembly are also important, and can be easily handled by any specialist. The patented backwash system works perfectly both in industrial, commercial and domestic conditions, significantly facilitating the daily operation of the installation, while ensuring maximum comfort and satisfaction of use.
The purchase of our reverse rinsing filters, which are a combination of solid workmanship, efficiency and favorable price, is an investment that will quickly pay off. The compact and solid construction of the filters, as well as the highest-quality materials used in their production, guarantee efficient and failure-free operation even in the event of changing external factors or the constant rhythm of work.
We also sell a full range of accessories and spare parts for the Honeywell filters. At the customer's request, it is possible to buy additional filter cartridges, strainers of various densities or gaskets. It is worth noting that the maintenance and replacement of most elements do not require the removal of filters from the installation.

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