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Variable speed drives 1,1..160kW, IP21/IP54 VSD2H TREND

Przemienniki częstotliwości z serii VSD2H to przyjazne i łatwe w użytkowaniu rozwiązanie zaprojektowane z myślą o systemach HVAC.

Parameter Value
Features • A control pad is supplied mounted on the front of the unit and can be detached to be used as a panel mounted or a handheld unit.
• The control pad is multilingual with menu driven selection options, scrolling text messages and setup wizards for extremely fast start of basic pump and fan applications.
• Compact size, slim, space-saving, bookshelf design
• An optional Trend Network Interface Card interface can be fitted into the VSD2H drive to allow the system to be monitored from Trend supervisors and controlled from trend IQ controllers.
• Integrated stress removal and 360o grounding for power cable shield inside the device no need for cable glands
• Varnished printed circuit boards to maximise reliability
• Real Time Clock with battery backup for timed functions and fault time stamps
• Inputs/Outputs: 2 analog inputs (mA/V), 6 digital inputs, 2 relays (NO/NC), 1 thermistor input (PTC), 1 analog output (mA/V), Ethernet (IP), RS485 (MS/TP)
• Flexible I/O configuration: 2 free slots for expansion boards
• Mini wizards for more advanced applications: PID, Cascade Control and Resonance sweep wizards
• Intelligent automatic functionality: Ramp Time Optimizer, Overtemperature ride-through, Power ride-through etc.
• PID controller with advanced features: Sleep mode, Pump Soft fill, pressure loss compensation, Cascade contoller etc.
• integrated RFI filter for typical building installation
Napięcie 400V
Częstotliwość wyjściowa 0...320 Hz
Rozdzielczość częstotliwości 0,01 Hz
Komunikacja szeregowa standard: BACnet IP, Modbus TCP/IP, BACnet MS/TP, Modbus RTU, N2.
Odporność spełnia wszystkie wymagania dotyczące odporności EMC
Emisje EN61800-3 (category C2), EN61000-3-12
Bezpieczeństwo EN61800-5, CE, UL, cUL
Wejście 1 fazowy nie
Wejście 3 fazy tak
Seria VSD2H
Filtr RF zintegrowany
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