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Wallbus Room Sensors and Displays RS-WMB RD-WMB TREND

The RS-WMB is part of the Wallbus room module family, pictured left, which has been designed to satisfy requirements at all stages of the contractual chain.

The family has features that will appeal to architects, consultants, installation engineers, commissioning engineers, facility managers and building occupants. All units in the Wallbus family are fully interchangeable allowing room/space specifications to be changed by simply changing the front plate.
The RS-WMB provides temperature, humidity, CO² and dew point data from room/space to controllers via the Wallbus protocol.


Parameter Value
Temperature range 0...+50°C
R.H. range 0...90 %RH
Protection class IP 30
Mounting place internal wall
Additional description Power and data on two wire, polarity independant Wallbus protocol, reducing wiring and increasing system reliability.
• Temperature sensing plus humidity and CO² options. and dew point output.
• Humidity option also provides a dew point output.
• Fully interchangeable with RD-WMB units to provide easy upgrade from sense only to sense, adjustment and display.
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