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Air flow switch S6040 HONEYWELL / FEMA

The S6040A1003 Honeywell / FEMA air flow switch monitors air flow and the flow of non-aggressive gases in the air ducts of air conditioning systems and air treatment systems.

Product comparison
Type Protection class Maximum duct temperature
S6040A1003 IP65 85°C


Type Description
PA1 Paddle set
Air flow switch S6040 HONEYWELL / FEMA


  • Cost-effective flow switches for HVAC applications.
  • High-capacity, fully-encapsulated NC/NO micro-switch.

The S6040A1003 Honeywell / FEMA air flow Switch (with separate paddle) is mounted in the vertical position (i.e. with the switch box at the top). In order to avoid air turbulence and paddle instability, the device should be installed in straight duct runs having a length of at least 5 times the duct diameter both upstream and downstream from the location of installation. The device must be mounted with the seal plate (incl. in package) through an approx. 20-mm hole in the duct. The device must be fixed with two screws (incl. in package.) The paddle must then be mounted with a screw on the shaft inside of the duct.

Parameter Value
Protection class IP65
Mounting vertically through a 20-mm hole in the duct; mount paddle inside
Maximum duct temperature 85°C
Pressure 0.25 bar
Paddle material 1.4310
Lever yellow brass
Sensor body zinc-plated steel
Weight 630 g
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