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Presostat ciśnienia do cieczy i gazów Ex-VCM Ex-VNM HONEYWELL

Vacuum switches for Ex-applications. Degree of Ex-protection: Ex II 2G Ex d e IIC T6 Gb and Ex II 1/2D Ex ta/tb IIIC T80oC Da/DbFor monitoring vacuum of non-aggressive liquids and gaseous media


Tabela doboru produktu
Model Zakres ustawień Histereza Maks. ciśnienie
Ex-VCM095 -0,9…+0,5 bar 50 mbar 3 bar
Ex-VCM101 -1…+0,1 bar 50 mbar 3 bar
Ex-VCM301 -250…+100 mbar 25 mbar 1.5 bar
Ex-VCM4156 -15…+6 mbar 2 mbar 1 bar
Ex-VNM111 -1…+0,1 mbar 50 mbar 6 bar
Ex-VNM301 -250…+100 mbar 45 mbar 3 bar
Szczegóły produktu

Parametr Wartość
Kind of pressure vacuum, relative
Pressure connection internal thread G¼, external thread G½
Electrical connection terminal connection M16x1,5
Protection class P65
Housing material rugged housing of seawater resistant aluminium die casting GD Al Si 12
Media temp. -15 ... 60°C
Media temp. limit higher temperatures are possible, provided that the limit is safeguarded by suitable measures (e.g. water tube trap, see Accessories for Pressure Switches / Transmitters)
Ambient temperature -15 ... 60°C
Ambient temp. limit at temperatures below 0°C, ensure that no water condensation can arise in the sensor and in the switching device
Switch function/capacity SPDT Microswitch 250 VAC; capacity 2 A inductive, 3 A resistive
Certificates • SIL2 according IEC 61508-2
• IBExU12ATEX1040 according to ATEX 94/9/EC
• IECEx IBE 14.0077
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Presostat ciśnienia do cieczy i gazów Ex-VCM Ex-VNM HONEYWELL
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