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Termostat w wersji przeciwwybuchowej Ex-TX HONEYWELL

Rod thermostats can be installed as immersion thermostats in pipelines and containers and for monitoring temperature in air ducts.
The suitable immersion tube has to be chosen according to the application.
Degree of Ex-protection: Ex II 2G Ex d e IIC T6 Gb, Ex II 2D Ex tb IIIC T80oC Db


Tabela doboru produktu
Model Seting range Switching
(mean values)
Max. permissible
at sensor
Immersion depth L = 135 mm
Ex-TX023 -20 … +30°C 1.5K 110°C
Ex-TX150 +10 … +50°C 1.5K 110°C
Ex-TX490 +40 … +90°C 2.5K 125°C
Immersion depth L = 220 mm
Ex-TXB023 -20 … +30°C 1.5K 110°C
Ex-TXB150 +10 … +50°C 1.5K 110°C
Ex-TXB490 +40 … +90°C 2.5K 125°C
Szczegóły produktu

Parametr Wartość
Electrical connection terminal connection M16x1,5
Protection class IP65
Housing material die cast metal GD Al Si 12 to DIN 1725
Ambient temperature -15 ... 60°C
Switch function/capacity SPDT 250 VAC, 3(2) A
Certificates • SIL 2 according IEC 61508-2
• IBExU12ATEX1040 according to ATEX 94/9/EC
• IECEx IBE 14.0077
Thermostat application immersion rod thermostat
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Termostat w wersji przeciwwybuchowej Ex-TX HONEYWELL
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