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Sterownik IQeco VAV2E TREND

The IQeco variable air volume standard strategy controls a proportional damper, an on/off fan (either serial or parallel), and two stages of electric heating in response to a thermistor temperature sensor with a local setpoint knob. The 2E strategy is for on/off electric heating.

The strategy is designed to work with TB/TS Trend Thermistor Room Sensors. The strategy supports the fitting of a WMB Room Display module without further configuration.

The IQecoVAVP is fitted with a differentail air pressure transducer. The IQecoVAVPA is fitted with a differential air pressure transducer and an actuator.

Parametr Wartość
Model IQeco VAVP
Programability Programmable
Application VAV
Control VAV 2 Stage Electric Heater
Units Metric
Power 24V
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Sterownik IQeco VAV2E TREND
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