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Przetworniki stężenia CO², temperatury i wilgotności TREND

A range of CO² sensors designed to monitor the carbon dioxide concentration and temperature of the air. The sensors use non-dispersive infra red (NDIR) technology with an auto calibration feature to prevent measurement drift and to remove the need for re calibration. The range consists of one duct sensor and four space sensors. The space sensors are available with the options of humidity sensor and/or a 4 digit display. The display continually scrolls through the measured values and can show temperature, relative humidity and CO².

Parametr Wartość
Output signal 0 to 10 V(Space), Thermistor (Duct)
Additional description Other features include:
• Non-dispersive infra-red (NDIR) technology
• Digital electronics with auto calibration feature
• Integral display with continous scroll to visualise measured values.
• Two part terminals to facilitate wiring
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Przetworniki stężenia CO², temperatury i wilgotności TREND
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