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Presostat do gazów neutralnych i nieagresywnych HCD FEMA

Do monitorowania ciśnienia gazów neutralnych i nieagresywnych.


Tabela doboru produktu
Type Setting range Switching differential Max.
in lower
im upper
HCD6003 0.2…3 mbar 0.3 …mbar 0.5 mbar 100 mbar
HCD6010 1…10 mbar 0.3…mbar 1  mbar 100 mbar
HCD6050 5…50 mbar 1.5… mbar 3 mbar 200 mbar
HCD6150 15…150mbar 4… mbar 10 mbar 300 mbar
Szczegóły produktu

Parametr Wartość
Kind of pressure differential pressure, relative
Pressure connection internal thread G¼
Electrical connection PG13,5
Protection class IP40
Housing material aluminium die casting
Media temp. -15 ... 60°C
Ambient temperature -15 ... 60°C
Switch function/capacity SPDT Microswitch 240 VAC; capacity 2 A inductive, 10 A resistive
Certificates E 3085/2 according gas appliance directive 90/396/EEC and pr EN 1854, issue 1995
Sensing element material aluminium + silikon
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Presostat do gazów neutralnych i nieagresywnych HCD FEMA
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