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Pneumatyczne siłowniki przepustnic D-4300 JOHNSON CONTROLS

These actuators operate pneumatically various damper series in response to a variety of pneumatic input signal
The D-4000 series Pneumatic Piston actuators are multi-purpose positioning devices used primarily in air conditioning systems for operating dampers and mixing boxes in response to the output signals of pneumatic controllers. These actuators are available in two basic sizes, adjustable stroke and different positioning power.


Tabela doboru produktu
Model D-4300 D-4400
Mouting Type Feet and Swivel
Stroke Minimum 64 mm 64 mm
Maximum 80 mm 76 mm
Factory set 70 mm 70 mm
Effective diaphragm area 40 cm² 97 cm²
 Spring Ranges (nominal)  3 to 7 psi (21 to 48 kPa)
5 to 10 psi (35 to 69 kPa)
9 to14 psi (62 to 96 kPa)
3 to 15 psi (21 to 103 kPa)
 3 to 7 psi (21 to 48 kPa)
5 to 10 psi (35 to 69 kPa)
9 to14 psi (62 to 96 kPa)
3 to 15 psi (21 to 103 kPa)
      Material:  Body Die cast aluminium, natural finish (*)
 Shaft  AISI 300 Stainless Steel
 Diaphragm  Synthetic elastomer
 Piston  Nylon  Die cast aluminium
 Spring  Carbon steel wire, enamel finish
 Spring guide (on 9 to
14 psi spring range only)
Nylon  —-
 Control air pressure 25 PSIG (172 kPa) maximum
Air Conection Barbed fitting for 5,32″ or 1/4″ O.D.Polytubing
Ambient temperature limits -30° C to 65° C (*)
Accessories  V-9502  Pilot Positioner, available also fackory mounted
See V-9502 Product Data Bulletin
Mouting plates: see D-4000A.1 and D.8000A.2 Product Data Bulletins (order separately)
  Linkages: see D-4000A.1 Product Data Bulletin (order separately)
 Approx. Net weigth (kg)
without accessory
 1,2  2,2

(*) The D-4300 and D-4400 are available on request with nickel electroplated finish, for use in severe corrosion enviromental applictions, as approved by Johnson Controls

Nominal Spring Ranges
Model 3 to 7 psi
(21 to 48 kPa)
5 to 10 psi
(350to 69 kPa)
9 to 14 psi

(62 to 96 kPa)

9 to 14 psi

with Pilot Positioner
(62 to 96 kPa)

3 to 15 psi
(21 to 103 kPa)
D-4300 D-4300-8320 D-4300-8330 D-4300-8340 D-4300-8300 D-4300-8350
D-4400 D-4400-8320 D-4400-8330 D-4400-8340 D-4400-8300 D-4400-8350
V-9502 Pilot Positioner and Mounting Kit, for Field Mounting D-9502-8005
Mounting Kit only for Field Mounting V-9502 Pilot Positioner D-9502-8015
Szczegóły produktu

  • Exernal case in die cast aluminium and extending shaft in stainless steel offer good corrosion resistance
  • Completely enclosed housing to protect internal parts from dirt and damage
  • Synthetic elastomer diaphragm for extended life
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