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Presostat ciśnienia do pary wodnej, gorącej wody, gazu i paliwa DWR-574 HONEYWELL

Presostat ciśnienia DWR-574 produkcji HONEYWELL. Do stosowania do pary wodnej, gorącej wody, gazu oraz paliwa. Wyposażony w funkcję monitorującą i ograniczającą.


Tabela doboru produktu
Type Setting range Switching
(mean values)
DWR06-574 0,1…06 bar 0,04 bar 6 bar
DWR1-574 0,2…1,6 bar 0,06 bar 6 bar
DWR3-574 0,2…2,5 bar 0,1 bar 16 bar
DWR6-574 0,5…6 bar 0,2 bar 16 bar
DWR625-574 0,5…6 bar 0,25 bar 25 bar
DWR16-574 3…16 bar 0,5 bar 25 bar
DWR25-574 4…25 bar 1,0 bar 63 bar
Szczegóły produktu

In many aspects, safety engineered pressure limiters offer a higher degree of safety compared with normal pressure switches and are therefore especially suitable for chemical process engineering and thermal installations in which safety is an especially critical factor in pressure monitoring. Pressure switches can also be used in Ex- zones (zone 0, 1, 2 and 20, 21, 22) and, in all cases, require an isolating amplifier. The isolating amplifier is also responsible for monitoring lines for short circuit and line break and therefore offers an additional safety advantage even in non Ex-zones. For Ex-applications, the isolating amplifier must be installed outside the Ex-zone. The lines between the isolating amplifier and the pressure switch are monitored for short circuit and line break. Explosion protection code: Ex II 1/2G Ex ia IIC T6 Ga/Gb, Ex II 1/2D Ex ia IIIC T80°C
Intrinsically Safety: The equipment employed in explosion relevant areas are components of inherently safe electrical circuits. An electrical circuit is inherently safe if the amount of energy it contains is so small that no spark or other thermal effect can arise. This reliably prevents the ignition of explosive gas mixtures in the proximity of this equipment. In the context of this directive, pressure switches and thermostats containing no switching components with energy storage effects are referred to as „simple electrical equipment.”

Parametr Wartość
Kind of pressure overpressure, relative
Pressure connection internal thread G¼, external thread G½
Electrical connection terminal connection M16x1,5
Protection class IP65
Housing material rugged housing of seawater resistant aluminium die casting GD Al Si 12. Aluminium housing coated with resistant plastic
Sensing element material 1.4104 + 1.4571
Media temp. -25 ... 60°C
Media temp. limit 65°C. Higher temperatures are possible, provided that the limit is safeguarded by suitable measures (e.g. water tube trap, see Accessories for Pressure Switches / Transmitters)
Ambient temperature -25 ... 60°C
Ambient temp. limit at temperatures below 0°C, ensure that no water condensation can arise in the sensor and in the switching device
Switch function/capacity power supply circuit: Ui = 14 V DC Ri = 1500 Ohm Ci = 1 nF Li = 100 MikroH
Certificates • TV.DWFS (SDBFS).12-281 according VdTUEV Memorandum Pressure Issue 7.2006 and DIN EN 12952-11 and DIN EN 12953-9:2007
• ID 0000035004 according DIN EN 764-7:2002 and DIN EN 13611:2008
• CE-0085CL0343 according to DIN EN 1854, Issue 07.2006
• 01 202 931-B-11-0003 according Directive 97/23 EC
• IBExU12ATEX1040 according ATEX 94/9/EG
• IECEx IBE 14.0077
• SIL2 according IEC 61508-02
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Presostat ciśnienia do pary wodnej, gorącej wody, gazu i paliwa DWR-574 HONEYWELL
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