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Czujnik temperatury P100 HONEYWELL
Honeywell  P Series Temperature Sensors have parts in contact with the medium made of stainless steel (1.4571 /316Ti).
The temperature is sensed by a Pt 100 resistance thermometer conforming to EN 60 751. The sensor is connected in a 3-wire circuit.
The Pt 100 resistance thermometers are suitable for use in the temperature range of -50 … +400 °C.


Tabela doboru produktu
Model Średnica przyłącza Zakres temperatury Długość sondy
P100-100  ½″ -60 … +400°C 100 mm
P100-150  ½″ -60 … +400°C 150 mm
P100-200  ½″ -60 … +400°C 200 mm
P100-250  ½″ -60 … +400°C 250 mm
Szczegóły produktu

  • Parts in contact with medium made of stainless steel 1.4571 / 316Ti
  • PT100 Class A sensor
  • Simple wiring
The following data is valid for immersion well lengths of 100 mm, with flow speeds of max. 10 m/s in air and 4 m/s in water.
For higher pressures, higher temperatures, longer immersion depths, other media, etc., the user must determine the conditions of the given application. In suchcases, the use of immersion wells is recommended.
Parametr Wartość
Electrical connection screw terminals
Max. pressure 100 bar
Ambient temperature -20 ... 100°C
Temperature range -50 ... 400°C
Mounting place in well
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Czujnik temperatury P100 HONEYWELLCzujnik temperatury P100 HONEYWELL
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